All Faiths Network (AFN) joins FOB

All Faiths Network

FOB is growing bigger and now enlists amongst its federated associations the British All Faiths Network (AFN).

Active since December 2010, All Faiths Network's purpose is to promote religious harmony for common benefit, working toward an inclusive and positive dialogue.

Currently AFN includes representatives of 25 creeds and denominations and is actually the Great Britain bigger coalition of diverse confessions.

Being composed of individuals having deep religious and non religious convictions, AFN holds a set of common values based on:

  • Absolute equality for all women and men regardless of belief or religion
  • Respect for human rights and religious freedom, over and against religious discrimination and prejudice
  • Freedom of expression, including the right to question, debate and criticise religious and philosophical beliefs, and to challenge those who hold positions of religious leadership
  • Staunch allegiance to the democracy of the people, and the rule of the law of the land
  • A clear view that no particular religious or belief group should be entitled to special, separate or superior privileges over and against any other.