No to the "anti-mosques" law in Veneto

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F.O.B. asks the Government of challenging the "anti-mosques law” which violates the Constitution and the freedom of religion of all religious minorities:

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F.O.B. (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) calls on the Government to challenge the law on places of worship approved in the Veneto region. As already sanctioned by the Constitutional Court on the previous one, this "anti-mosques law" violates the principles of our Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion, belief and conscience to all religious denominations.

It is unacceptable in a democratic State that a Region takes the Government’s place to deliberate on sensitive issues that involve fundamental human rights. Equally unacceptable are the limitations that this Bill poses to all religious minorities – not only to the Islamic one – which have peacefully coexisted for decades on the territory, such as the Italian Evangelicals, Adventists and the Waldensians.

This Bill undermines the social harmony in this delicate moment of history, which would require an open mind in order to guarantee the transparency of places of worship: the danger of terrorism is less real in a transparent mosque which is open to all, rather than in a basement, where faith is made solely for the benefit of those who have illegal interest not to pray in the sunlight.

The Italian Government already appealed the "anti-mosques law" launched in Lombardy and the Constitutional Court rejected it, but the Veneto Region has decided to go ahead with an unconstitutional, discriminatory and dangerous legislation.

Religious freedom is not a threat, but a guarantee of peace and dialogue between peoples!

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(having achieved its goal with the Italian Government challenging the Veneto's law, the petion is closed)