European Federation for Freedom of Belief (FOB)
Registered Office: Viale Angelico 38, 00195 Roma (Italia)
Head Office: Via Garibaldi 45, 10122 Torino (Itlia)
Fiscal Code: 97831240581

FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) has been incorporated in Rome on the 26th of January 2015. It is a Federation of Associations that advocate freedom of thought, religion and belief. It has been intended as an initiative to support the EU FORB program. The main principles inspiring FOB and its activities are contained in its Statute.

FOB is a secular platform aimed at the defence, in the same way, of the rights of people of faith, unconcerned, and atheists as well. Religious and spiritual representation within FOB is consequently heterogeneous. We want the Federation to be as much like as the Europe we dream about : a place where all the people live together enjoying fairness and equality too.

FOB openly stands against every form of religious discrimination, including any arbitrary distinction between "religions" and "cults"; across the decades in fact such a stigma has become largely discriminatory and indeed has been employed to discriminate against religious and spiritual minorities.

At the same time we also condemn every kind of abuses and illegalities as well as any type of violence occurring at any place, inside any religious or non-religious environment; and for this very reason we reject any distinction based on early ideological assertions.

As per its structural organisation FOB consists of a Board of Directors composed by people from the academia, from the legal professions as well as activists who all have contributed with their work to the defence of freedom of conscience and belief; and a Scientific Committee of national and international experts, as well as an Advisory Council consisting of individuals distinguished and appreciated for their contributions to the field of human rights and particularly the defence of freedom of belief.

FOB is active in the civil society at political, cultural and social levels with the aims of promoting and defending freedom of religion and belief around Europe and likewise acts in order to protect the human rights of those who receive a prejudice founded on the basis of their religious or non-religious or spiritual belief.

For the above reasons, as a stakeholder NGO, FOB is registered on the Official Register of Lobbies held at the EU Parliament and Commission in Bruxelles and Strasbourg, representing six nations.

At present time six European associations are organisational members of FOB.


The Association is a free society of culture and information independent from any party;

It reaffirms the freedom of religious, philosophic and spiritual creed;

It aims to the diffusion, the development and the realization of these principles within the European Community and the International Organization;

It protects individuals or associated people from any barrier limiting or discriminating their religious freedom;
It appeals to the States for the removal of any block and for the attainment of pacific and free religious choice.

In the Association perspective, the actual achievement of freedom of religious creed, protecting both believers and non-believers, is a relevant element toward a pacific and universal people alliance.


To become a FOB Supporting Member and help in the attainment of its purposes click HERE.

  • Individuals € 50
  • Associations € 50


Appointment as an Ordinary Member is regulated by articles 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10 of the Statute. The request is to be made by filling the form available HERE.