Marco Ventura – The future of Europe and freedom of belief

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23 marzo 2017 – FOB – On Saturday 25th March the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome will be celebrated by state leaders or heads of government of the EU.

It will be an opportunity for a reflection on the state of the Union and on its future of integration processes.

Surely there will be an analysis of these last 60 years and, by our opinion, a discussion of the problems that this historic moment mercilessly imposes on human rights and civil liberties that should’t be ignored.

How the French government and parliament were leaded into a witch-hunt

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23 february 2017 – By Pierre Barrucand – The phenomenon of religious persecution has been known through the ages, as witness the Bacchanals affair in Rome in 187 BC or even, if we may believe Aristophanes, the process against Socrates, accused of having wanted to introduce a new religion. These persecutions were particularly intense against monotheistic religions, even though they tolerated the practice of several ancient cults with which they felt ties.

Norway: separation between Lutheran Church and State. “Religious freedom and equal faiths”

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31 January 2017 - FOB - The following news could be considered negative for the Lutheran Church, but that would be a superficial judgment. Perhaps it could be negative from an economic point of view, as it would be for the Italian Catholic Church, if they gave up the advantages granted to them by the Lateran Treaty. However, the independence of any church from any government and vice versa is, as a matter of fact, a much more valuable asset for every church and for every state. The Norwegian Lutheran Church receives support from its followers in the right proportion, and that is fair.

How Universal is the UN Declaration of Human Rights?

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20 January 2017 - Friday, 9th of December Soteria International hosted the Spiritual Human Rights conference in Copenhagen. The Spiritual Human Rights conference is an annual conference focusing on Human Rights from a spiritual perspective.

This year the conference was co-hosted by Youth for Human Rights, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), and the European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion (EMISCO) with the theme “How Universal is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?”.

Jehovah's Witnesses: Military Service, Social Hostility and State Recognition

World-Wide Religious News

17 January 2017 - After World War II, the word “Righteous Among the Nations” (Hebrew: חֲסִידִי אֻמּוֹת הָעוֹלָם‎, khasidi umót ha'olám "righteous (plural) of the world's nations") was a term used in rabbinic Judaism to refer to non-Jews who acted heroically, putting their own life at risk to save jews from nazi genocide of Shoah.

The Fear of the Occults and Politics

Massimo Introvigne

7 december 2016 — Introvigne Massimo is an internationally known sociologist author. Founder and managing director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), an international network of scholars who study new religious movements. Introvigne is the author of hundreds of books and articles in the field of sociology of religion. He was the main author of the Enciclopedia delle religioni in Italia (Encyclopedia of Religions in Italy).

Calzolari: saving the cultural and religious diversity of man

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Short analysis by Silvio Calzolari (FOB Secretary) on the declarations released at OSCE HDIM conference by FOB President, Alessandro Amicarelli and by the confederated associations SOTERIA and CAP.

October 24, 2016 — In recent decades, the right of every human being to freedom of expression and religious practice has often been proclaimed, including at the highest levels (United Nations, Council of Europe, the Helsinki Conference, OSCE etc.).


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