Church of Almighty God latest Annual Report 2017 on Persecution in China published

CAG 2017 report

Last August 2017 representatives of CAG contacted FOB seeking help and advice about their ongoing situation being denied freedom of belief in their country and being neglected protection in some European and non-European countries, that were not acknowledging they were being persecuted on the basis of their faith. FOB started a research with the support of leading experts and scholars who carried out a in-depth study on this matter. After a meeting in Warsaw at the HDIM OSCE Meeting between representatives of FOB and of CAG, further contacts have been developed. We can certainly say the Church of Almighty God (CAG) is a religious movement whose members are experiencing persecution in China. CAG have released this 2017 Report providing more information on such cases of persecution in their country. Members of CAG are trying to get, not without troubles, refugee status in some European and non-European countries. However being their community not well known by the authorities of the countries where they seek protection, they often experience problems, hence their applications are rejected.

As a secular and independent body advocating for the freedom of belief for all, FOB provide support to minority groups, and to the individuals who seek international protection as victims of persecution based on faith or belief - regardless of the tenets of their faith and whatever their beliefs are or the country they come from.

FOB also provide support and advice to government and other public bodies in our effort for the EU Guidelines on FoRB (Freedom of Religion and Belief) be fully implemented throughout Europe also in the light of the Council of Europe and OSCE policies and recommendations and of the European Court of Human Rights judgements.

In this line we publish this CAG 2017 Report as it can be a valid tool also for the public authorities dealing with the refugee applications filed by members of this community.

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