Diritto e Religioni (Law and Religions)

Copertina Diritto e Religioni

The magazine of ecclesiastical, canonical and confessional rights "Diritto e Religioni" (Law and Religions), co-directed by Prof. Maria d'Arienzo, member of the Scientific Committee of FOB, is presented to those who do not already know it.

Never as at this time does the religious factor appear at the center of the attention of the juridical world, posing numerous problems both for the effective protection of religious freedom and for the new dynamics of relations between civil and confessional authorities. As a “middle science”, Ecclesiastical law, with its own methodology and cultural sensitivity, is open to contributions from other branches of the legal sector and from the historical, political and theological sciences, including religious laws.

The Scientific Journal of Class A “Diritto e Religioni”, since 2006, is an expression of that opening of ecclesiastical law to other related sciences (anthropology and religious sociology, history of religions, history of religious institutions and relations between States and Church, philosophy of religions, history of canon law, religious laws, including canon law), and deals with the treatment of its object of study, the religious factor, from multiple points of view and on a not only national but also international level, in conformity to the real nature of religions and religious movements, which live on horseback of different orders and are affected by them in a different way.

Diritto e Religioni

Semestral Journal of Ecclesiastical Law, Canon Law and Religious Laws

Directors: Mario Tedeschi e Maria d'Arienzo
Editor: Walter Pellegrini

Scientific Committee: F. Aznar Gil, A. Albisetti, A. Autiero, R. Balbi, G. Barberini, A. Bettetini, F. Bolognini, P. Colella, O. Condorelli, P. Consorti, R. Coppola, G. Dammacco, P. Di Marzio, F. Falchi, A. Fuccillo, M. Jasonni, G. Leziroli, S. Lariccia, G. Lo Castro, M. F. Maternini, C. Mirabelli, M. Minicuci, R. Navarro Valls, P. Pellegrino, F. Petroncelli Hübler, S. Prisco, A. M. Punzi Nicolò, M. Ricca, A. Talamanca, P. Valdrini, G.B. Varnier, M. Ventura, A. Zanotti, F. Zanchini di Castiglionchio