Francesco Alicino

Francesco ALicino

He is Full Professor in Public Law and Religion at the University of LUM (Casamassima, Bari, Italy), Where he also teaches Constitutional Law, Law of the Third Sector, and Immigration Law.

He is Vice Rector (Prorettore) for teachings activities, the Coordinator of the five-years Degree Course in Law (LGM /01) and the Director of the School of Law at the University of LUM.

He is a member of the Italian Council for the relationship with Muslim communities at the Italian Minister of the Interior.

He is a member of the Consortium for Church &State Research.

He is member of the Institute of S. Pio V based in Rome, where he has been coordinating several projects on freedom of religion-belief, religion-inspired terrorism, religion and sustainable goals, and the state-religions relations in the Mediterranean area.

He is the national coordinator of EUREL (Sociological and Legal Data on Religions in Europe), based at CNRS University of Strasbourg.

He is a local coordinator of PriMED (Prevention and Interaction in the Trans Mediterranean Space) based at University of Piemonte Orientale.

He is a local coordinator of FIDR (Forum Internazionale Democrazia & Religioni — International Forum for Democracy & Religions) based at the University of Insubria.

He is a member of EUNAP (Jean Monnet Network European Union-Asia Pacific Dialogue: Promoting European Integration and Mutual Knowledge across Continents) providing a multidisciplinary academic platform on European Union (EU)-Asia Pacific relations.

He is the Editor of the Italian first-class review Daimon-Annuario di diritto comparato delle religioni (Il Mulino).

He is a member of the Committee for National Scientific Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale also known as ASN) related to IUS/11 discipline (Ecclesiastical law and Canon law). ASN is required to enter Italian universities as associate and full professor.

He is a member of ICLARS (International Consortium for Law and Religious Studies) based at the University of Milan.

He is docente a contratto (professor with a temporary appointment) for the Course in State and Rights in the Mediterranean Islam) at the School of Government, LUISS Guido Carli, Rome.

He has been the coordinator of the research project on Bio-law in Religious Hospitals (Biodiritto negli ospedali confessionali), financially supported by Associazione Religiosa Istituti Socio Sanitari (A.R.I.S.) (Prot. 12/PR/DL).

He is the Editor of the Special issue on Law and Religion in Europe in an Age of Fear and Insecurity .

He has been the Coordinator of the research project on Creating a Consolidated Act from the Laws concerning State-Confessions Understandings and Religious Associations (Realizzazione di un Testo Unico sulle leggi relative alle intese e agli enti ecclesiastici), financially supported by Unione Cristiana Evangelica Battista d’Italia (UCEBI) (D.R. n. 1024/2017).

He has been the Coordinator of the research project on International Refugee Law in Cases of Religious Persecutions (La protezione internazionale nei casi di persecuzione per motivi religiosi alla prova), financially supported by Apulia Region (Article 90 of the regional law no. 67/2017).

He has been member of research groups for Bioethics, Research Integrity and Sustainable Food at the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche - CNR).

He has been member of the LUM University’s internal Unit for the Quality Assurance (Presidio della Qualità) related to the European Higher Education Area (EGS).

He is a member of ADEC (Associazione dei docenti universitari della disciplina giuridica del fenomeno religioso).

He has been a consultant for the Tribunal of Bari (Italy), section of preventive measures for the religion-inspired terrorism.

He is a reviewer for international journals and is involved in several international research projects.

In 2010 he took the Ph.D in European Studies in Canon Law and Law of State-Religions Relations at the University of Paris-Sud 11 and Catholic Institute of Paris (France)..

In 2008 he took the Ph.D in Docteur en DROIT at the École doctorale of the University of Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III (Aix-en-Provence, France) with a Thesis titled “Constitutionalism and Constitution-Making Process of the European Union’s Law”, unanimously commended as très honorable (the highest mark) by all members of the Commission (Jury). In 2007 he took the Ph.D in Institutions and Comparative Politics at the University of Bari (Italy). Ph.D. Thesis: The European Constitutionalism and the European Union. The Thesis was unanimously commended as eccellente (the highest mark) by all members of the Commission.

He is the author of several books and articles in English, Italian and French. Here a list of his publications and extended CV.