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The yearly membership fee as a FOB Supporter Member is 50 € (Euro).

To sign up, you need to fill out and submit the form below. After form submission you will be required to pay the annual fee. You can choose whether to pay the fee immediately online through PayPal (and/or credit card), or through banking money order.

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By filling out and submitting this Sign-up Form I become a member of the Association European Federation for Freedom of Belief - FOB as a Supporter Member.

To this aim, I hereby declare that:

I am interested in the attainment of this organization's purposes, because I share its spirit and ideals;
I have read and understood this organization' Statute and especially its articles 2 (Purpose), 3 (Corporate Aim) and 4 (Members);
I am acquainted that this membership is valid for one year from the date of the payment of the membership fee.
I haven read and I agree with the Privacy policy;

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