Faith and Freedom Summit Brussels 28 June 2018

Faith and Freedom Summit

The European Political group Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) has organised Faith and Freedom Summit 2018 that will be held at the prestigious premises of Solvay Library in Brussels on the 28th of June.

The event is co-organised by ACRE in partnership with other associations, two of which are also associate members of FOB, specifically CAP-LC and All Faiths Network.

Main topic that will be deeply analysed during this conference on freedom of belied in Europe is the one of the actualisation and implementation of principles that are well consolidated in theory and that often are not implemented into practice.

In fact the title of the event "Faith and Freedom" does have a subtitle too, "Practising what we preach".

FOB will be represented by our Chairman atty Amicarelli who will show the works carried out by FOB in this direction to protect freedom of belief in Europe.

In January 2018 FOB launched a Call to the European nations for the protection and implementation of freedom of belief in Europe.

The Call, launched at the occasion of the international Conference "Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe, an arduous journey", held in Florence on 18-19 January this year, was also presented on the 14th of March at the United Nations Palace at the event "Deterioration of religious freedom in Eastern Europe" organised on the occasion of the 37th Human Rights Council and it is scheduled to be presented at other meeting in the following months.

Speakers from different countries and from different backgrounds will participate in the Faith and Freedom Summit that will include different sessions and also three round-tables with politicians, activists and experts in law and religion.

Registration is required to attend the event, via the following website