Israel: anti-cult law and mental manipulation. FOB letter to members of the Knesset

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The European Federation for Freedom of Belief (FOB), was urged to intervene in support of an  association of Israeli academics who expressed their opinion on a proposal of law against  “dangerous cults", based on the notion of mental manipulation. The academics of MEIDA mobilized themselves to counter this legislative initiative by sending documents and studies that refute the notion of "cult" and "mental manipulation."

The CESNUR site was the first one to spread the news in Italy and HRWF spread the appeal of Israeli scholars through its newsletter.

FOB is taking action, in accordance with its statutory aims, to assist in the campaign against this law. Together with Israeli academics and federated NGOs, we believe that the proper way to proceed in matters involving freedom of religion and belief, is the dialogue and not the unilateral action inspired by anti-cult groups and false scientific theories.

FOB letter to members of the Knesset

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