The government appeals against the "anti-mosques law": 1197 signatures in a month in support of FOB

The Government will appeal against the anti-mosques  law of the Veneto government before the Constitutional Court: this was announced by Hon. Luigi Lacquaniti (Democratic Party) who supported the initiative launched by the European Federation for Freedom of Belief, a petition drive that collected 1,197 signatures in just over a month.

No to the "anti-mosques" law in Veneto

F.O.B. asks the Government of challenging the "anti-mosques law” which violates the Constitution and the freedom of religion of all religious minorities:

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F.O.B. (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) calls on the Government to challenge the law on places of worship approved in the Veneto region. As already sanctioned by the Constitutional Court on the previous one, this "anti-mosques law" violates the principles of our Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion, belief and conscience to all religious denominations.

We Seek for the Rescue of Mr. Masato Ishibashi!

FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief), supports the Japanese Victims Association against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion’s Petition for the rescue of Masato Ishibashi (26), a member of the Unification Church, who has been missing since January, 2014, while he was visiting his parents' home in Chiba Prefecture.

In few days more than 3000 people signed the petition.