The French Government instigates and finances the discriminatory activities of the FECRIS

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Speech by CAP LC (Coordination des Associations et des Partiuliers pur la Liberté the Conscience) at the 46th Meeting of the Human Right Council on religious discrimination instigated by a French government body and by the controversial FECRIS.

Mister President,

We would like to draw your attention to a part of the debate generated by the fight against terrorism and separatism in France.

Civil society is concerned about the direction taken in debates on separatism with regards to individual liberties and religious freedom.

The Minister Delegate to the Interior Ministry took advantage of those debates to stigmatize peaceful religious communities, such as the Evangelical Churches unduly depicted by the Interministerial Mission of Fight and Vigilance against Sectarian Drifts (MIVILUDES) as guilty of sectarian drifts.

The Minister Delegate has also decided to strengthen her collaboration with anti-religious associations which, for decades, have created a hostile climate towards religions and beliefs.

This decision worries us, at a time, when one of these associations, the FECRIS, financed and supported by the French government, has just been questioned in a report by the U.S. Commission for Religious Freedom for the hate propaganda of its Russian vice-president, Alexander Dvorkin, against religious minorities in the Russian Federation, thus fuelling the prejudices and persecutions of the Russian government , which uses its anti-extremist law against these religious minorities, which have thus been banned and criminalized.

Thank you

Source: freedomof con

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CAP LC (Coordination des Associations et des Partiuliers pur la Liberté the Conscience) is the French partner of the European Federation for Freedoim of Belief (FOB).