We Seek for the Rescue of Mr. Masato Ishibashi!

masato ishibashi

27 March 2015 — FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief), supports the Japanese Victims Association against Religious Kidnapping and Forced Conversion’s Petition for the rescue of Masato Ishibashi (26), a member of the Unification Church, who has been missing since January, 2014, while he was visiting his parents' home in Chiba Prefecture.

In few days more than 3000 people signed the petition.


2 March 2015 — If one found out that an NGO1 (non-government organisation) was targeting new or traditional religious groups, and if this NGO (FECRIS) was a federation of groups with similar aims, one would have every right to be surprised. The information presented in this document goes far beyond what you might imagine—and that’s probably what has allowed it to remain relatively unnoticed until now.

MISA Yoga case: in Romania everyone was fully acquitted, now we look forward to the Italian conclusion


21 February 2015 — On the 11th of February 2015, the proceedings against the MISA Yoga group in Romania has been concluded with full acquittal of the 21 defendants by the Court. The group, founded by the political refugee Gregorian Bivolaru, who had been heavily persecuted during the Ceausescu regime, endured, within the “Operation Jesus Christ”, a violent campaign started in 2004 with a police raid that deeply disturbed the representatives of various European nations and of ONGs such as Amnesty International, due to the shocking violations of human rights perpetrated against the group.

Lombardy, FOB (Freedom of Belief): "A liberty-destroying law against mosques, the right to pray is forbidden”


3 February 2015 — "A liberty-destroying law forbidding to thousands of Lombard citizens – Muslims and non Muslims alike – the right to pray”. This is how the Steering Committee of FOB (European Federation for Freedom of Belief) voices its strong disagreement about the “anti-mosques law”, currently at the center of controversies in Lombardy. "The unacceptable form of discrimination contained in the new law manifests itself in a form of religious prohibitionism, whose only outcome will be that of a “clandestine” expression of the believers’ sentiment: with just one strike the proposal of the Lega Party succeeds in jeopardizing on one side security, and on the other, human rights".

UNIR forma parte del comité directivo de la ‘European Federation for Freedom of Belief’


1 February 2015 — Esta entrada tiene sus orígenes en junio de 2013, cuando asistí al Congreso del CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) en Falun (Suecia), gracias al Grupo de Investigación “Culturas, Religiones y Derechos Humanos”, acreditado por UNIR Research, y cuyo director es Miguel Rodríguez Blanco.

FOB officially incorporated by law

FOB Incorporation

The 26th of January 2015 in Rome (Italy) at str. Viale Angelico 38, the association named European Federation for Freedom of Belief (FOB), has been officially incorporated by law.

Founders are: Prof. Pietro Nocita (Chairman), Attny. Fabrizio D’Agostini (Councillor), Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio (Secretary), Camillo Maffia (Councillor). Vice-chair is Attny. Alessandro Amicarelli. Other member of the Steering Committee is Prof. Sonia Bartol.

F.O.B. letter sent to the director of the weekly magazine L’Espresso

FOB logo

18 January 2015 — Dear Director, FOB (Freedom Of Belief) wishes to express their deep shock at the article “Cults and gurus grow up – the institutions turn a blind eye” by Carmine Gazzanni, published by your magazine on the 8th of January 2015. The word “cult”, whose use was already discouraged as long as fifteen years ago by the Council of Europe, is devoid of any scientific value and is used solely to arbitrarily stigmatize some religious minorities. This kind of propaganda already generated several violations of human rights in our continent as well as in our country: since two years the Italy case is being carried out at the OSCE, due to the persecution of harmless groups labeled as “cults”.

How much does it cost and what is the utility of the Anti-Sects Squad? Radical party inquiry

witch hunt

17 Novembre 2014 — While on the State Police big cuts have been made affecting our daily and immediate needs of our forces remain standing teams and counselors of which utility not everybody agree. On this subject the Radicali (Radical party) have spoken on the 5th of November with a parliamentary inquiry: the senator Marco Perduca addressed himself to the Interior Ministers , Minister of Justice and Labor and Minister of Social Policy to know how much it costs the department anti-sects ndt: cults) of the State Police in relation to the academic competences of its representatives and at its necessity according to the cases in which the phenomenon of “sects” affects the public order.

Prof. Pietro Nocita - Considerations on Rudy Salles’ proposal at PACE

Pietro Nocita

10 July 2014 — In the ideological and political view of the European States, there is principle which cannot be negotiated: the guarantee for each individual to consider his State of belonging as a common home both for believers of all faiths and for non-believers alike.
 Discrimination of any citizen, based on his/her faith or his non-faith, is not allowed. Each State must prevent anybody from persecuting or discriminating any person based on his religious faith.

USCIRF reports and Western Europe

Katrina Lantos Swett

10 July 2014 — According to the 2013 Annual Report on the State of International Religious Freedom by The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF): «The state of international religious freedom is increasingly dire due to the presence of forces that fuel instability. These forces include the rise of violent religious extremism coupled with the actions and inactions of governments.» said Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett, USCIRF’s Chair.


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