Assisted bias and the blood transfusion case inside of Jehovah's Witnesses

Fake News

Too often the media report incorrect or incomplete news, if not bluntly false, in relation to religious minorities. Evidently, such news is the result of prejudice by certain unscrupulous journalists. Mind you, this prejudice does not arise from a closed mentality but, in its own way, "honest", that is, from stupidly fixed ideas in which one believes "honestly".

Much more prosaically, it is a matter of convenient prejudice, generated by mere economic interest: the news about the "evil sect that eats children" sells more than the news of a religious minority made up of good people useful to society. Often, in the world of media, truth is the last concern, it does not "sell", so it is altered, it is replaced with something spicy and bloody, it doesn't matter if it is false. To settle his conscience, this type of journalist "adopts" a prejudice in order to exclude any positive value of the group being attacked.

In this operation he is assisted by the so-called “anti-cult” groups, ie conglomerates of apostates, relatives of alleged victims, people hostile tour court to any kind of spirituality, and the like. In Europe there is a similar group branched into various nations, financed by the French government, which defines itself as an “umbrella organization”, ie the so-called FECRIS (European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Cults and Sects).

Also in Italy they have two corresponding associations which are called CeSAP (Center for Psychological Abuses Studies) and FAVIS (Family Victims of the Sects). They have the sole purpose of spreading alarmist and artificial news about religious movements they dislike, thus giving the assistance needed by the journalist in search of hot news, ready to adopt the prejudice made up by the "anti-cult". Here is an example: the "anti-cult" associations had trumpeted the story denied below on social media and the usual scandal-hunting journalists had seized the assistance on the fly. A prejudice witnessed precisely. Now it is interesting to note that the judicially restored truth hardly interests anyone.

Blood transfusion case: Jehovah's Witnesses, appeal in favor of parents

Decree of the Juvenile Court of Milan

In recent days the Milan Court of Appeal revoked a decree of the Milan Juvenile Court which limited the parental responsibility of a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses because the latter, "exercising a faculty recognized by the law, had asked the doctors of the Legnano hospital to treat their daughter with medical strategies that did not include the use of blood transfusions ". Jehovah's Witnesses report this, underlining that the magistrates have established that "the mere disagreement of parents against blood transfusions in adherence to religious beliefs cannot be the ground for an assessment of unfitness to exercise parental responsibility".

The judges also noted that "the Juvenile Court should have not pronounced itself – the Jehovah's Witnesses declare  - because, according to the bio-testament law, the competence to decide disputes in case of dissent between parents and doctors on health treatments to be practiced to minors is the exclusive responsibility of the Tutelary Judge ".

In September 2019, the parents had their 10-month-old daughter, victim of a fall, admitted to the hospital in Legnano, where she had undergone surgery to remove a hematoma from her head. After the operation, the doctor on duty wanted to administer a blood transfusion as supportive therapy to raise blood values. Faced with the parents' request to use alternative medical therapies to blood transfusions, the doctor had first alerted the Carabineers and then the Prosecutor's Office, who requested and obtained the provision limiting parental responsibility from the Juvenile Court the next day.

"Contrary to what somebody think, comments Massimo Cordone, for 40 years gynecologist at the maternity ward of the Gaslini Pediatric Hospital in Genoa, the children of Jehovah's Witnesses are never in danger of life for religious reasons. This is for at least two reasons. First, I can say from experience that parents who are Jehovah's Witnesses are generally very considerate of their children: when a child needs treatment, they immediately turn to doctors and hospitals for qualified assistance; second, because by law, if a minor is in real, objective and clear danger of life, doctors can intervene without the need to have the consent of the parents or a judge." "The story underlines the importance of providing quality information and free from prejudices", commented the Press Office of Jehovah's Witnesses.