International Conference on Taoism, Taiwan 1-5 January 2024

Laozi statue

The 17th International Conference on Daoist Studies "Daoist Ways of Enhancing Life: I Ching, Feng Shui, and Personal Cultivation" is being held in Taiwan at Weixin Shengjjao Branch Temple between 1-5 January 2024.

Local and international scholars are representing different organizations at this important 5-day study conference.

Massimo Introvigne, director of CESNUR and director-in-chief of Bitter Winter, together with Bernadette Rigal-Cellard, professor emeritus of Bordeaux Michel de Montaigne University and a member of the Scientific Committee of FOB, introduced the works of this international conference. 

Massimo Introvigne made a presentation on the relationship that Italian movie director Federico Fellini had with the Chinese divination and prophecy titled: When I Ching Goes to The Movies: Federico Fellini and the Chinese Book of Changes.

International Conference on Taoism, Massimo Introvigne presentation


Other international scholars include Eileen Barker, professor emeritus of London School of Economics and founder of the London based INFORM, who made a presentation on New Religious Movements' diverse perceptions of the Body, Health and Healing, Gordon J. Melton, distinguished professor of Balor University, Waco Texas, and Rosita Šorytė, a former diplomat who represented Lithuania at the United Nations for several years, and is also member of the Scientific Committee of FOB.

Gordon Melton presented on Joss houses and old and new Chinese folk religion places of worship in the U.S. Other scholars such as Serban Toader presented on The Bucharest temple of Taiwanese new religion Maitreya Great Tao; Li Yu-Chen and Hsin-Fang Chang presented on Weixin Shengjiao and how it uses Feng Shui. A workshop on Feng Shui in practice was led by Master Yuan Quan.

Rosita Šorytė made a presentation on Reiki West and East and the perpetual search for Universal Energy.

Among the international scholars, Loreta Poškaitė discussed Taoist influence on traditional and modern Chinese landscape painting.

This international conference chaired by Massimo Introvigne is an occasion for local Taiwanese and international scholars to foster the interest in taoist or daoist studies and reflect on different perspectives and share views on different aspects of the Taoism-related disciplines.

The international conference will continue until 5th of January 2024, and some photos of the first day are shared below.

Above, photo of Laozi statue from Wikipedia

Gallery photo credit: Massimo Introvigne Facebook